Nearly every other day it seems like we hear another disgruntling statistic about the alleged irresponsibility, laziness or lack of work ethic surrounding the so-called Millennial generation. However, this group of young adults has some very positive attributes too — and one of them, we might be able to learn something from. Statistics show that Millennials are snubbing credit cards and tend to have less credit card debt than their older — supposedly more responsible — counterparts.

Experts point to the fact that a lot of millennials are suffering under a mountain of college loans that they are struggling to pay off. This debt gives them a little more wisdom than their years would normally belay when it comes to debt management. Indeed, less than one-third of millennials (people between the ages of 18 and 35) actually own a credit card. This is a record low figure.

According to one millennial who runs a financial advice blog, a lot of the younger generation of adults are resisting credit card temptations and doing well to spend within their means. She says that young people are wary of credit cards because they don’t want to take financial risks. Perhaps this is why credit card debt for Americans under the age of 35 has dipped to its lowest levels since 1989.

It is certainly a breath of fresh air to see that younger Americans are taking more responsibility for their college debt. Still, there are many Americans — young and old alike — who are suffering from a black hole of debt that they can’t see an end to. If you or a loved one are in this kind of situation, it may be helpful to speak with a bankruptcy law attorney about your debt situation and appropriate legal strategies that could be employed to get you out of it.

Source: Vao News, “Millennials Say No to Credit Card Debt,” Voa Studentu, Nov. 03, 2016