Many experts suggest that those in Florida who are struggling with credit card debt first take a moment to examine the debt, considering it from all sides, rather than just looking at the raw numbers. There are important questions to ask that can help people understand how to get out of debt.

For example, the reason for the debt is of incredible importance. Debt that comes from an addiction to online shopping is a different type of obstacle than debt that came about because you had a medical emergency and had to cover the costs quickly. A one-time misfortune can still alter the course of your life, but you know that the debt will most likely be gone for good when you pay it off. An ongoing issue like addiction can be harder to overcome because even paying off the debt does not mean you won’t just accumulate it again.

After identifying why the debt exists, it can be wise to think about how you’ll be best motivated to get out of debt. For some people, the motivation is eliminating as much debt as possible, as fast as possible. They’re only happy when giving it their all. To do this, they may pick the cards with the highest interest rates and work down toward debt with lower interest rates.

For others, making small payments gives them a sense of accomplishment. These are all little victories, and they can motivate people to keep working hard at it without being overwhelmed. This is commonly called the “debt snowball” approach.

No matter how you got into debt or what tactic you’re using to get out, you may want to consider legal options like bankruptcy, which may give you a fresh start.

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