Millions of people across the country struggle with debt every year. Much of the debt people are trying to deal with largely stem from factors like the housing market crisis, the recent recession, high unemployment rates and skyrocketing expenses for medical care and college education.

Dealing with a single financial obstacle can be difficult enough, but in many cases, there are several factors working against a person that make it all but impossible to get on top of the situation and regain control.

For example, you might have recently had to undergo an operation which resulted in huge medical expenses; covering those payments might have meant that you missed a mortgage payment or two. In trying to avoid spending cash during this time, you may have ended up taking on more and more debt on your credit cards. Before you know it, you are behind on your bills and having to pay huge interest rates and penalties. While these debts didn’t accumulate overnight, it can suddenly settle in that you cannot manage this situation.

While these all seem like financial problems that require strictly financial solutions, the fact is that legal support in these situations can be crucial. You have rights and options as a consumer that should be protected. This includes protection against creditor harassment and options for stopping foreclosure efforts or discharging debt.

Many people shy away from seeking legal help to deal with debt because they think they can handle it on their own and they don’t want to spend more money. But the truth is that working with an attorney at our law firm can help you minimize or avoid costly mistakes that can make your financial matters worse. We can also help you understand that you may have more options for debt relief than you think.

Most importantly, though, we can guide you through the process of dealing with the financial burden you have been carrying. We know it can be a big decision, but reaching out for help to resolve debt problems can be the first step toward a better future. For more information on The Cohen Law Firm and our approach to debt relief, please visit our website.