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What is the creditors meeting in Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

The creditors meeting is a vital step in the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process that happens after the debtor files his or her necessary bankruptcy paperwork.

A quick overview of bankruptcy from the United States courts

Bankruptcy is great for assisting people who cannot pay their debts to get a new financial lease on life.

Categorizing assets as exempt in Florida bankruptcy proceedings

Most Florida residents wait until the last possible moment before they file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy and the means test

Once a person arrives at the decision to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they are to be commended for being able to consider their financial circumstances both carefully and objectively.

When retirees fall on hard times, they have viable options

While most of us picture retirement as a financially secure and altogether pleasant period of life characterized by an ability to finally do what you want

Can my student loan debt be discharged through bankruptcy?

Too many people have misconceptions about the process of filing for bankruptcy and these misconceptions can lead to some costly mistakes and missed opportunities.

Which type of bankruptcy might be right: Chapter 7 or Chapter 13?

One of the worst things you can do if you are struggling with debt is make a drastic decision without first considering the financial implications.

Dozens of Floridians banned from bankruptcy

For most people, bankruptcy is a last resort when it comes to dealing with debt. It is an aggressive — yet effective — solution that can wipe out debt and allow a person to make a fresh financial start.

Will all my debts be discharged in bankruptcy?

There are millions of people who are struggling financially. The recent recession hit people very hard and many people have yet to recover.