Bankruptcy: The Big Decision

If you are considering the possibility of bankruptcy as a solution to your financial problems, you are going to need a trusted advocate who knows the law and will work to ensure that you receive the best result available for your situation. Unfortunately, there are many bankruptcy attorneys who are more interested in collecting a fee and moving on to the next case rather than finding the solution that best fits your needs.

At The Cohen Law Firm, P.A., we dedicate our entire practice to helping people resolve their debt-related problems in a way that puts them in the best possible situation for a brighter future. We genuinely care about our clients, and we are committed to providing the right solution for your particular needs.

So — Do You File For Bankruptcy Or Not?

This website is designed as a book to answer the questions you have about taking this step. In the end, you may decide that bankruptcy is not for you, but at least you will have considered the benefits of bankruptcy:

The phone stops ringing, the mailbox is no longer clogged with bills.

You start breathing freely again — and get to work starting a new life.

Creditors back off.

Dischargeable debts are wiped away.

We will meet you wherever you are and make your debt relief decision an easy one!

Call our office in Port St. Lucie toll free at 800-572-6436 to have that conversation. Or write your questions using this convenient order form. One of our lawyers will get right back to you!

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.