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Five Tips to Avoid Credit Card Debt This Holiday Season

Try these five tips to avoid credit card debt, or from going further into debt, over the upcoming holiday season.

Medical debt avoidance and reduction strategies

If you’re suffering from a health catastrophe, your medical bills can pile up fast. Most Florida residents who can’t afford their medical bills will simply continue with the procedures and collect the debt anyway

1 thing millennials are doing much better than you are

Nearly every other day it seems like we hear another disgruntling statistic about the alleged irresponsibility, laziness or lack of work ethic surrounding the so-called Millennial generation.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy and credit card debt

Borrowers who qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can discharge the debts relating to their credit cards.

What is the creditors meeting in Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

The creditors meeting is a vital step in the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process that happens after the debtor files his or her necessary bankruptcy paperwork.

Are you suffering from a debt snowball?

It starts with a small credit card purchase, maybe to buy a minor but necessary item at the grocery store, and before you know it, things get out of control.

Important facts about credit card debt

If you have credit card debt that you are struggling to pay off, there are some very important facts you need to know.

Can I qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

In order to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a borrower needs to meet the specific requirements of the law.

Gawker Media employee may seek bankruptcy protection from lawsuit

Earlier this month, a group of Gawker Media employees got together at the company’s headquarters to celebrate its 14-year anniversary.

A quick overview of bankruptcy from the United States courts

Bankruptcy is great for assisting people who cannot pay their debts to get a new financial lease on life.