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Categorizing assets as exempt in Florida bankruptcy proceedings

Most Florida residents wait until the last possible moment before they file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The snowball method for paying credit car debt

Sometimes Florida residents do not require bankruptcy proceedings to get out from under a debt avalanche.

Three possible risks of debt settlement

Debt settlement, which involves negotiating directly with creditors to pay off debt for less than what you owe, is a possible option for debt relief.

You can negotiate your health care bill

When your bill for health care comes in the mail, you may just find yourself sitting at the kitchen table, shaking your head, knowing you’ll never be able to pay it off all on your own.

Understanding the best debt relief options

Many companies advertise debt relief services, promising that you will save money on interest rates and find freedom from debt collectors.

Report: Saving is up … but so is credit card debt

Most of us are well-intentioned when it comes to things like spending and saving. However, the reality is that things sometimes come up that can make the ability to do either difficult if not impossible.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy and the means test

Once a person arrives at the decision to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they are to be commended for being able to consider their financial circumstances both carefully and objectively.

Are debt collectors unfairly targeting armed forces personnel?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the federal agency tasked with enforcement of federal consumer financial laws, recently released a rather shocking report

When retirees fall on hard times, they have viable options

While most of us picture retirement as a financially secure and altogether pleasant period of life characterized by an ability to finally do what you want

Is the House measure to stop surprise medical bills in jeopardy?

According to a national survey released by the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation back in January, as many as one out of every five working Americans with health insurance are currently having problems paying off their medical bills.