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Five Tips to Avoid Credit Card Debt This Holiday Season

Try these five tips to avoid credit card debt, or from going further into debt, over the upcoming holiday season.

Understanding the best debt relief options

Many companies advertise debt relief services, promising that you will save money on interest rates and find freedom from debt collectors.

Are debt collectors unfairly targeting armed forces personnel?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the federal agency tasked with enforcement of federal consumer financial laws, recently released a rather shocking report

How you can eliminate federal income tax debt during bankruptcy

In a couple of months, everyone is expected to have their tax filings submitted to the federal government and the respective state (or states) where they earn their income.

What to know if you are facing wage garnishment

If you have unpaid debts and have not found a way to come to a resolution with your creditors, they may resort to garnishing your wages.

Avoid debt collection scams by speaking with an attorney

If you are like many Floridians, you are struggling with some amount of debt. In some cases, this debt is manageable and you are able to adjust spending or find other solutions that allow you to pay down debt.

Money management skills you may want to start early

Many people learn from past mistakes to make decisions in the present in order to try and prepare for the future, but many young people don’t have the benefit of experience to learn from when they are starting to earn an income.

Why you may need legal support for financial issues

Millions of people across the country struggle with debt every year. Much of the debt people are trying to deal with largely stem from factors like the housing market crisis