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You may have noticed a lot of "bankruptcy specialists” and “bankruptcy experts” while searching the web – but if you take a closer look at them and us, you will clearly see why The Cohen Law Firm has attained the status of one of the leading bankruptcy law firms in South Florida.

We are here to help you during one of the most difficult times in your life. We care very much about the outcome for you, and that it be a good one that allows you start a new financial chapter in your life. Our initial consultation with a Bankruptcy Attorney is always free, and is the first step on your road to financial freedom from debt.


As a one of the leading bankruptcy attorneys in South Florida, Brian J. Cohen has assisted more than 25,000 people find a clear path out of their debt. His vast knowledge and experience in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases is spread across nearly 20 years of practice. As Brian likes to say, "This is more than a simply a law practice for me. It is my passion to help those who are struggling find a way out from under their debt so they can experience a fresh start."

With 6 offices throughout South Florida, The Cohen Law Firm is here, ready to help you handle your debt, whether that means filing for bankruptcy or some other solution. Send us your questions through this online form, and let’s get started on the rest of your life.


We are a full-service Florida bankruptcy law firm that handles both Chapter 7 and 13.


Our commitment is in finding the best solution for you, our client, so your current financial situation as well as your future are on the right track once again.


We will get that phone to stop ringing, immediately, and get your creditors to back off.


Our staff will always be available to answer your questions and directly work hard to get you the best outcome possible from your filing.


01.Does Your Bankruptcy Attorney Exclusively Practice Bankruptcy Law, or In Other Words, Is Bankruptcy All That They Do?
Consumer bankruptcy is all we do. Period. That means that we know our stuff -- better than those attorneys that split their time between other practice areas. But that doesn't mean that aren't committed to finding the best solution for your needs. Quite the contrary. We listen carefully and give you our best recommendation, even if it means something other than bankruptcy. We do not recommend any service unless we believe that is the best solution for YOU. We’re about solutions, not billable hours.
02.Does Your Bankruptcy Attorney Handle Both Chapter 7 And Chapter 13 Cases?
We are a full-service Florida bankruptcy firm. This means that we can and do handle BOTH Chapter 7 AND Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. There are attorneys out there, however, that you must be aware of. These attorneys handle ONLY Chapter 7 cases -- they do not or cannot file Chapter 13 cases, which means that they can only offer very limited advice and/or options to their clients. When you come to The Cohen Law Firm, you'll get the full-range of options made available to you, so you can make the best, most well-informed decision you can.
03.How Many Bankruptcy Cases Has Your Bankruptcy Attorney Filed?
Since 2000, Brian J. Cohen has filed more bankruptcy cases than any other attorney in Broward and Palm Beach counties and on the Treasure Coast. That makes us #1 how it matters most. You don't file more cases than anybody else and not learn a thing or two -- nobody knows bankruptcy law they way we do. Our firm has almost 20 years of experience in practicing Florida bankruptcy law, and we can put that expertise to work for you!
04.Does Your Bankruptcy Attorney Handles All His Own Cases, And Only His Own Case?
We are proud to say that we handle all our own clients! That means if you hire The Cohen Law Firm, you get The Cohen Law Firm -- no ifs, ands, or buts. Beware of the bankruptcy mills, where you're just a number, rather than a real client. With The Cohen Law Firm you get the highly qualified Florida bankruptcy attorney, Brian J. Cohen, who will actually file your case — not a paralegal, not a preparer, not a legal assistant. And you'll be treated with the caring and compassion you deserve throughout the entire process.
I was referred to Brian Cohen by my neighbor who said he was very helpful in handling her bankruptcy. I'm glad I took her advice. My chapter 7 case just finished and I got my discharge papers in the mail yesterday. Everything went just as they said it would, with no problems.
I also want to say that Brian was terrific in my case. He was compassionate and really cared. At my initial consult he took his time and explained all my options, both bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy. He was completely upfront with everything, including the cost, which was very reasonable. I am definitely glad I chose him for my bankruptcy.
Janet Moore, Coral Springs


When you’re looking for a Florida bankruptcy lawyer, you can’t really afford to get steered in the wrong direction. That’s not going to happen at The Cohen Law Firm. With us, what you see is what you get.

First, you consult with an highly experienced bankruptcy attorney – not a paralegal, not a bankruptcy preparer, and not an assistant.

Second, we have a full-team of highly qualified personnel, all of whom specialize in the area of Bankruptcy and Debt Relief law only. Everyone at our firm works exclusively at our firm. We do not hire legal contractors or outsourced personnel.

Our team will fight for you and provide you with the best counsel possible in order to obtain the best result – for you. We don’t believe that bankruptcy is the end of the world, but it can be a fresh start.

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